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Item-level reporting from source-to store
Digitisation and data go hand-in-hand. As retail supply chains continue to go digital, a wealth of item-level data on the flow of merchandise through the supply chain is unlocked. The winners and losers of the future supply chain will be determined by who leverages this information effectively, to optimise logistics and deliver operational excellence from source to store.

Join Detego’s Chief Data Scientist, Simon Walk, as he presents the cutting edge of supply chain analytics in retail and presents how digitised supply chains are taking the guesswork out of retail logistics.

This webinar will cover:
• Item-level tracking of Items along the Supply Chain to deliver accountability, visibility & traceability
• Effective traceability which combats supply chain shrinkage and counterfeit products.
• Using heuristic & Machine Learning based Algorithms to detect supply chain irregularities.
• Using dwell-time data to optimise operational & Supply Chain processes
• Analysing throughput data across factories, DCs and stores


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